Inspiration: Men's Wear.

Dreis Van Noten

This is my favorite.
Just love how all the patterns is going on.



Jil Sander

<3 Jacket <3


Damir Doma

These pants are amazing. 
on my wishlist.

Dior Homme

John Galliano

The only thing I actually liked here were the shoes.
Buy Buy Buy.

Marc Jacobs

Raf Simons

 Shoes. wow.


 This is one of my favorites, I fell in love with the shirt in the middle.
I am so going to buy it!

Calvin Klein


I want this badly! but I would paint on it 
or something to make it more personal.

Dolce & Gabbana

Louis Vuitton

Ermenegildo Zegna

This cote is amazing, I want it.


Finally I got to post this. 
I went through almost all Designers at Fashion Week all over the world.
And trust me, it took some time!
There were so much more I wanted to post, but it was just too much.
It was a little mix of old and new, so keep updated and I will post more.

The positive about this is that I actually got a lot of inspiration.
I take inspiration and some I hopefully one day buy, cause some of the clothes 
were just amazing.



  1. Motehuset bak det siste bildet er Lanvin..

  2. Kom på det senere 8)
    Men ser jeg ikke tok vekk kommentaren haha


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